'I thoroughly approve, too, of Roberto Surace’s exuberant costume design. This man comes with an excellent pedigree'

The Telegraph - Tim Walker

'Roberto Surace’s costume design never stops being surprising from its pitch perfect period design for the Society actors and detailed t-shirts from previous Society productions, like Cat or Two Sisters.'

Event Magazine NY - Kev Berry

'subsequently introduced to a lineup of glamorous suspects in slightly shabby aristo drag'

The New York Times - Ben Brantley

Verity Rushworth: 'She wears the stylish clothes of the time to great effect and looks as though she's stepped straight out of a 1930s fashion magazine'

Get West London - Barry Dix

'Special mention must go to Roberto Surace’s costume designs for their genuine look.'

Stage Whispers Australia - John P. Harvey

'Roberto Surace’s costume (some cracking moments with a wig) and the company’s key ingredient – the actors – are all so beautifully crafted and tightened up to within an inch of their lives.'

A Younger Theatre - Samuel Sims

"Melbourne born costume designer Roberto Surace adds to the visual comedy with a set of deliberately flawed costumes that match the limited imagination and resources of the Society perfectly. Surace’s wit extends to the various insignia on the clothing of the “backstage crew;”

Man in Chair - Simon Parris